A mask manufacturer that centrally manages and manufactures masks centered on the Nippon Mask® brand.


Embrace Safety with Our Face Masks

Welcome to our website, dedicated to providing high-quality face masks and information about our manufacturing process. We take pride in being a leading manufacturer of face masks, ensuring the safety and well-being of individuals around the world.

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Phase I Lot C-2&D (B) Clark Premiere Industrial Park M.A Roxas Highway Clark Freeport Zone 2023,Pampanga, Phillipines

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Yokoi Sadashi Co., Ltd. was founded in 1950 and has been manufacturing and selling masks under the "Nippon Mask®" brand for more than half a century. Our strength is that we have a wide lineup and are consistently involved in everything from planning to production. As a manufacturer, we will continue to provide "products that customers can use with peace of mind." At our company, we are manufacturing that gives shape to customer needs through centralized management and integrated production from planning to production. We have an excellent production environment that is high quality based on thorough process control and can handle small lots. We use a fully automatic machine that is not touched by human hands from the state of production until the mask body is completed. Therefore, the rate of defective products is low, and hygienic and stable production is possible. Production is managed in a clean room until final commercialization. Due to this history and high reliability, we accept consultations on OEM production of novelty, private brand goods, masks for sale, face masks, etc.