A mask manufacturer that centrally manages and manufactures masks centered on the Nippon Mask® brand.




As one of pioneer in mask making, Yokoisada began business operation in Japan since 1950. The company produces different kinds of mask and a manufacturer of the brand name commonly known as NIPPON MASK. Yokoisada can plan, visualize, design, innovate, inspect and deliver products specifically to fulfill client’s set of requirements.
Making full use of the high process control and hygienic production environment, Yokoisada continuously satisfy present and future customers by producing good quality world class products, deliver on time exquisitely designed items with a competitive price through continuous product research and development.

Management Philosophy

Masks are not only for medical use, but are now an indispensable product for everyday life, which has become widespread in ordinary households. In addition to pursuing safety and high quality, we have delivered products that take into consideration comfort and design.
Going forward, we will continue to work together as a company to develop new products that address the risks of new social infections, meet your needs, and help you live a healthy and comfortable life.