A mask manufacturer that centrally manages and manufactures masks centered on the Nippon Mask® brand.




Safe and secure production system

Selected raw materials for medical grade masks                                     


Raw materials are selected from Japan, China, The Philippines and other ASEAN countries.
The basic performance of masks produced at the Philippine factory conforms to Japanese, European and American standard (ASTM-F2100) of Medical mask by flammability, breathability (Differential pressure), Fluid (Blood) resistance, and 99% cut of BFE, PFE, VFE.

For hygienic and stable production                                                  


The manufacturing process of non-woven masks is all done with automated equipment. Therefore, low cost, low defective product rate, and high quality are possible.In the inspection process, we are particular about checking with the human eyes, additionally introduced AI camera, and perform careful quality control.We carry out all manufacturing, inspection, and boxing in a clean room, and carry out thorough quality control.

Thorough hygiene management                                                                 


The insect trap is not an electric killing type, but uses a light and adhesive that does not scatter dead bodies. Insect repellingvinyl curtains are placed in various places, and the windows are closed with complete air conditioning.

We welcome contract production (OEM)

Yokoisada (Phils.) Corporation manufactures products that meet the needs of our customers through centralized management and integrated production. We have a high-quality, high-quality production environment that supports small lots with thorough process control.
With reliable quality, we respond to the diverse needs of our customers with flexible proposals unique to our own factory, from planning original products to commercialization.
Based on our many years of experience, we welcome OEM production of novelty masks, private brand masks, for promotion, face masks, etc.

                                                  Flow of original equipment manufacturer (OEM)

STEP1. Inquiries

Please feel free to contact us first. Please use the inquiry form below or call (+63 45-499-3028).

STEP2. Hearing your request and proposing a plan

We will listen to your request and the product specifications such as the image of the product, the desired application / design, and the quantity. We will propose specifications such as selection of raw materials based on the contents of your inquiry. We will arrange and create samples as needed.

STEP3. Quotation, contract

We will provide you an estimate based on what you have asked. If there is no problem with the quotation, we proceed to the contract.

STEP4. Production

It will be produced  the Philippines factory. We will make a prototype if necessary.

STEP5. Inspection and shipping

We will ship or deliver masks to the costumer after our thorough inspection.